With Peanut Butter

Yesterday I came inside after working hard all morning; I was hungry. Actually I was feeling a little eleven o’clockish, if one must know the truth.

And as I was in the kitchen, looking at the time (about 11AM) , after having built fence since early in the morning, I thought to myself, “I feel like eating an apple.”


“With peanut butter.”


Ah ha! My stomach agreed with that thought. It is possibly the internal organ that originated the idea, but at any rate, it thought it was a good one, because it definitely concurred that I ought to eat an apple.


With peanut butter.


So, I walked outside.


I walked through some weeds and an ugly green bush that needed to be trimmed.


I walked past a freshly tilled area with some plants in the ground.


I walked past more weeds and a tree that had been cut down recently.


I passed the dilapidated pump house that needs to be rebuilt.


Then, I came to the orchard; such as it is. I walked into the orchard and I came to an apple tree.


My apple tree.


One of my many apple trees.


And I picked one and I brought it inside and I ate it up.


With peanut butter.


Crunchy peanut butter. Because that is the way peanut butter should be.


And I thought about all this, and the beauty and bounty of being able to go outside and pick an apple overwhelmed me a little with the goodness and provision of God.


I have who knows how many apple trees. I don’t know yet completely because most of the orchard area is still covered in briers.


And I have plum trees.


And I have walnut trees.


And I have huge heaping mounds of delicious blackberries.


And goat’s milk. Lots of goat’s milk. 🙂


The bounty of the Lord; it’s a beautiful thing. Praise His Name!

3 thoughts on “With Peanut Butter

  1. Ah Yes! Crunchy peanut butter, the way God intended peanut butter to be! Yes! Praise God for all His bounty and generosity!

  2. I really, really, really miss goat milk! And goat milk cheese!!

    1. Come down to the farm and buy some! 🙂

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